St Helena’s Caravan Park, Horsforth

When I was a child, my family holidays were primarily taken on caravan sites across England. On a Friday afternoon, after school finished, we would hitch up the caravan to the back of the car, chuck our clothes and food in the boot, and drive to whatever site my parents had chosen for the weekend. Often it was somewhere local such as Great Yarmouth or Lowestoft- always by the sea, which can be reached by a short hour and a half drive from Newmarket. We would run around the caravan park, eyeing up the other kids cautiously and exploring the playgrounds and areas for ourselves while our parents unloaded and set up the caravan. Like most young families in the 90’s, holidaying in England was a convenient, relatively stress free, and most importantly, cheap.

When I reached the age of 10 years old, the ability to find incredibly cheap flights meant the caravan holidays were no more; we sold up the van, and began traveling abroad for our family vacations, to places like Spain, Cyprus and America. Now, however, the new age of austerity has led to people once again championing the ‘staycation’ and returning to the caravan sites once more- including my parents, although minus us kids now. I went along one day to visit them at a caravan park in Horsforth, on the outskirts of Leeds. I now find visiting caravan sites a strange mix of reminding me strongly of my childhood, and having a distant view of their peculiar nature. Photographing it sparked my interest in it even more, and I am considering continuing photographing different caravan sites in the future and seeing what it leads to.












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