Exhibitions In June

Last month was an incredibly busy one, what with the end of my degree and everything that brought with it, including the degree show, The Story So Far exhibition and hanging work at Nation of Shopkeepers for our graduation party.

The 1st June saw the opening night of The Story So Far- the culmination of months of planning and a few days of absolutely manic work to get the show hung and ready in time. The exhibition included the newest bodies of work from myself, Aaron Hargreaves, Kyla Lynskey and Sofia Coombs. Having studied for three years on the course and spent countless hours talking, critiquing and questioning each others work, we felt in the perfect position of knowing exactly where each other was coming from and what we were trying to say to exhibit our work together.
The opening night, held at enjoy art space in the up and coming area of Mabgate, went better than we could have ever expected. I don’t think any of us have ever smiled so hard in the space of one night! We were honored to have some particularly special guests, including Anne McNeill, the director of Impressions Gallery, photographer Noel Bowler, and our amazing course leader at LCA, Adrian Davies.

Cheesy smiles all round from The Story So Far crew.
Opening night of The Story So far

 A week after The Story So Far closed its doors, our degree show – Infinity – had its opening night. Along with Claire and Kyla, I helped to curate the final show, which proved to be fairly challenging due to the huge diversity in our work as a year. However, the end result worked well, and was made even more special by the introduction board being written by Thjis Wassink of WassinkLundgren.

George Beck’s work at ‘Infinity’ – an incredibly talented portrait photographer.

Finally, me and two others from the Story So Far gang hung up some more recent work in our favourite pub and venue for our graduation party – Nation of Shopkeepers. We pinned up some loose prints, hung them from the ceiling, made rippable posters – we got free reign of the space and wanted to do something completely different from the formal gallery spaces we had been working in over the past few weeks. It was good fun, and they looked amazing with the disco lights on them at the party!


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