The Olympics Come To Bradford

Yesterday, the Olympic torch came to Newmarket; unfortunately I missed it as I was working. However, two weeks ago I did photograph it as it travelled through the newly designed Bradford city centre square. We knew the £24.4m fountain display would provide an impressive backdrop to the torch relay, and it was a beautifully sunny day, so me, Kyla and Aaron went along to see what all the fuss was about. I wasn’t expecting to feel that involved or a part of the event itself, but when you’re a part of the crowd itself and experience the anticipation and excitement, you do get a little swept up in the moment; we all went home with big grins on our faces, not entirely sure why. Plus, its every photographers dream to spend the afternoon in a crowd, finding the moments worth capturing, and knowing you’re documenting a small piece of the countries history in some way.

A Kiss, Bradford Torch Relay
As The Torch Goes By, Bradford Olympic Torch Relay
Onlookers Caught In Rogue Fountain, Bradford Olympic Torch Relay

Onlooker and Ferret, Bradford Olympic Torch Relay

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