Thomas Ball – Speculate Regenerate

After a late night waitressing shift last night, I decided to spend this drizzly Sunday morning with a cup of tea and a wander into the land of the tinternet, finding some new photographers to inspire me. I came across Thomas Ball’s name on twitter, and went on to spend far too long looking at his website. His work focuses on environmental issues across the world, from oil drilling in the Athabasca wetlands in Canada to regeneration project in Anfield, Liverpool. With a degree in Natural Sciences and having worked in the environmental sector, his knowledge of his subjects and his ability to show the complexity of the social, economic and ecological impacts of human effects on the environment is really inspiring. Some absolutely stunning work, definitely have a look at his website.

Here are a few images from Speculate, Regenerate, a work in progress, but currently focusing on the regeneration projects in Anfield.

Thomas Ball, Speculate Regenerate
Thomas Ball, Speculate Regenerate



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