Brighton and London

Its been a fair while since I’ve posted anything on here! Working full time, and trying to use my days off as productively as possible, hasn’t left much time in between. I’m on the last evening of one of my mid week weekends, which I used to travel down to Brighton and London for some photography related fun. Last night was the last of the Miniclick talks associated with Brighton Photo Fringe, with 16 photographers giving snappy, and sometimes pretty hilarious, 6 minute talks about their work. Two photographers whose work I wasn’t that familiar before, but really stood out for me, was Jooney Woodward and Jonathan Hyde.

Jooney Woodward







Jonathan Hyde

After a lovely day of wandering around in sunny Brighton and getting thoroughly excited about moving there soon, it was off to London to see the wonderful Aaron and a trip to the Barbican to see Everything Was Moving- photography from the 60s and 70s. It was a really cleverly put together show, uniting photographers from all over the world who were involved in documenting the massive social and political changes that happened in this particularly tumultuous time in recent history, as well as those who were revolutionizing the medium itself. The biggest disappointment- I literally never thought I’d say this- was Eggleston! Although the Los Alamos work included was beautiful, a whole room of portraits only really proved the point that Eggleston isn’t a portrait photographer. David Goldblatt, on the over hand, most definitely is. His work was probably given the most wall space, 3 rooms or so, but it felt totally deserved and was the perfect way to open a thought provoking and genuinely insightful show.

David Goldblatt

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